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The States, Part 1: Homeland, by Nina Berman

Homeland, Nina Berman (Trolley Books) £24.99 Homeland collects photographer Nina Berman’s last seven years of exploring the way fear has manipulated American culture since the beginning of the Homeland Security Era. Her photographs do exactly what the best social commentary does: they capture the essence of things elegantly and succinctly. She’s done a good job […]

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The Tanners

Almost Effaced Altogether: Robert Walser

Though admired in his own day by  Franz Kafka and Hermann Hesse, Walser has been largely over-looked among readers outside of Switzerland and Germany; until recently, that is, when academia rediscovered his works  forgotten amongst the topmost shelves of modernism—wedged, perhaps, between dusty volumes of Remarque and Brecht.

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A Note from the Editor: Year of Poetry

Beginning 1 September I will read a book of poetry each day for a year, writing 140-character reviews on Twitter, at and on Molossus. I hope to accomplish more than compile 365 pithy back cover blurbs, to truly experiment with the medium as an effective venue for contemporary book reviewing.

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An Aquarium

Sea Creatures & Robots

effrey Yang is an editor at New Directions, and his poetry evidences his wide exposure to world literature, manifested both in allusions—with poems featuring the literature and philosophy of peoples from around the world, ranging from the indigenous Miskito of coastal Nicaragua to Vishnu Ivara, as well as mythology name dropping on behalf of the Hawaiians, Maya, […]

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