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Heavy Rain, Rising Sea

Composed from the text of the 1949 International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg , Heimrad Bäcker’s Seascape, translated from the German by Patrick Greaney, recontextualizes the captain’s log of a German submarine during World War II.

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Monocle A5 Notebook Ruled

Monocle Stationary A5

Monocle may be both the best edited and best produced magazine for the eclectic international businessperson, equally concerned with good design, luxury travel, and world affairs. Their pocket shops—our closest outpost is in Santa Monica—peddle a well-curated selection of luxury goods, including the Monocle-branded Stationery Notebooks (£15 for an A5 in softcover, £25 for its […]

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World Poetry Portfolio #13: Adam Czerniawski

Adam Czerniawski is a Polish poet, essayist and translator born in 1934 in Warsaw, Poland, now living in Wales. In his memoir Scenes from a disturbed childhood he describes the war-time years when he and his family were trying to escape German and Russian occupation of Poland during 1939. With his mother, sister and dog […]

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The Prodigal Son: A Microscript by Robert Walser

Following last year’s publication of Robert Walser’s The Tanners, shortlisted for the 2010 Best Translated Book Award and reviewed by Molossus contributor Tim Bagnadov here, Molossus is proud to present an excerpt from his next book to be published by our esteemed friends in New York, The Microscripts. The Microscripts collects forty stories scrawled in […]

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