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True Poets Don’t Belong to Any Country: Ilan Stavans on Latin American Poetry

“Journalists have a say on how the present ought to be read, historians offer us an interpretation of the past, and politicians entertain themselves with the future. But poets, I believe, have a more accurate, more intimate understanding of time: its sequence, its secrets. I wanted to look at Latin America through the eyes of […]

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Heaven’s Kitchen, by David Huerta

Heaven’s Kitchen Xby David Huerta, translated from the Spanish by Jamie McKendrick Heaven’s kitchen is supplied with infernal utensils, sagging, lilac-coloured cauldrons, fat forks between whose prongs are tangled strings of archangels’ spit and frayed voices that rose from the left-hand shirt of God. A soup was being cooked when Love appeared, a rare broth […]

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Travis Elborough Goes Lomo with Mexican Poets

These photographs were taken by British cult author Travis Elborough, author of The Bus We Loved: London’s Affair with the Routemaster, The Long-Player Goodbye: The Album from Vinyl to iPod and Back Again, and a forthcoming book about the British seaside. Elborough, the Poetry Translation Centre’s Mexican Poets’ Tour Manager, shoots with a 35mm Lomo […]

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