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World Poetry Portfolio #13: Adam Czerniawski

Adam Czerniawski is a Polish poet, essayist and translator born in 1934 in Warsaw, Poland, now living in Wales. In his memoir Scenes from a disturbed childhood he describes the war-time years when he and his family were trying to escape German and Russian occupation of Poland during 1939. With his mother, sister and dog he eventually was able to leave Poland in 1941, travelling through Austria, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria to Turkey, and eventually to Palestine and Lebanon, where he lived until moving to Britain in 1947. Studied literature and philosophy at the universities of London, Sussex and Oxford

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Explaining Treacle: A Conversation with Paul Farley

I discovered Paul Farley’s poetry in the Graywolf anthology New British Poetry (2004), edited by Don Paterson and Charles Simic, and immediately fell in love with his work, the seamless integration of natural speech rhythms and hauntingly spare imagery. The anthology influenced me so greatly I wound up attending graduate school in the UK, where […]

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British Limiteds, Part 1

Home, Adam O’Riordan (The Wordsworth Trust) £5 Home is the latest chapbook to be released in The Wordsworth Trust’s series of limited editions—400 copies printed—by their writers in residence. This book alone is proof that the Trust is doing something right, and that it is able to maintain its relevance within contemporary poetry in Britain and […]

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Small World Magazines, Quickly

In Other Words: The Journal for Literary Translators, Winter 2009 / No. 34. Eds. Valerie Henituk & Amanda Hopkinson. £15 (2 issues, biannual) This issue of the official magazine of the University of East Anglia’s young but deservedly respected The British Centre for Literary Translation includes Deborah M. Shadd’s notable essay on translation and metaphor, […]

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