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Joy by the Shovelful: Javier Mariscal

Drawing Life, Javier Mariscal (Phaidon) $69.95 Javier Mariscal is and has been Spain’s leading artistic everyman since he gained international notoriety in 1992, when he created Barcelona’s beloved Olympic mascot, Cobi. It’s a simple, happy, stumpy, dog-like creature who, according to Mariscal’s new hardbound collection of work from Phaidon, seemed able to express the happiness […]

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Water Poems & Land Art

Hillman’s third meditation on the natural elements is aptly described by the Jack Spicer quote that Hillman uses to introduce her book’s third section: “If you watch closely, you will see that water/    appears and disappears in the poem.”

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Spotlight China

Perhaps China’s most important contemporary performance artist, Zhang Huan’s first monograph contains images from his early performance like 65 Kilograms and 12 Square Meters, as well as his most recent work, which more heavily engages with Buddhism. Huan’s work has always emphasized struggle with the limitations of the human body, and this book includes self-portraiture, photography, sculpture, performance, and even an impressive selection of ash-on-linen drawings.

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