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Mexico City Noir

A Hard-Boiled Pachyderm: Mexico City Noir

The latest addition to Akashic’s great city- and neighborhood-centered Noir series, which began with Brooklyn Noir in 2004, Mexico City Noir contains new stories by Paco Ignacio Taibo II, Eugenio Aguirre, Eduardo Antonia Parra, Bernardo Fernandez Bef, Oscar de la Borbolla, Rolo Diez, Victor Luiz Gonzalez, F.G. Haghenbeck, Juan Hernandez Luna, Myriam Laurini, Eduardo Monteverde, and […]

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Amatisoritsero Ede

A Conversation with Amatoritsero Ede

Amatisoritsero Ede, born in Nigeria, has been a Hindu Monk with the Hare Krishna movement and worked as a Book Editor with a major Nigerian trade publisher, Spectrum Books. His first collection of poems, Collected Poems: A Writer’s Pains & Caribbean Blues, was published in Germany and Nigeria.

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