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Molossus Featured on Jacket2

Editors Harold Abramowitz & Andrea Quaid featured an essay by molossus editor David Shook on Jacket2, as part of their series A Primer, “a how-to text as well as an archival source of text and photographs that document Los Angeles’ recent poetry past, its present and future – in other words, how a writing scene happens.

An online broadside of world literature. molossus, founded by editor David Shook—me—in 2010, as an online forum for interview and book reviews, with a focus on literature in translation and the conversational interview. Since its inception, I have endeavored to cover as wide a spectrum of literature as possible, with a focus on whatever interests me, showcasing smaller presses like Los Angeles’ Insert Blanc, Chicago’s Sara Ranchouse, and Tijuana’s Kodama alongside more mainstream publishers. In this sense, molossus is a very personal website, an impresarial front, reflected in its irregular schedule as in its coverage of the places I travel.

Visit Jacket2 to read the essay, as well as essays on molossus friends eohippus labs, Les Figues, and Mindmade Books.

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