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Warsame Shire Awale Murdered

Renowned Somali poet and radio broadcaster Warsame Shire Awale was shot and murdered at about 6 PM on 29 October 2012, when ambushed by two armed men on his way home to the Waberi District of Mogadishu from work, the BBC’s Mohamed Mohamed reports. A singer-songwriter and member of the Onkod Singers, the NUSOJ (via the International News Safety Institute) records Shire Awale’s death as the eighteenth murder of a media worker in Somalia this year. Popular for his romantic and patriotic songs, the poet was currently working as a comedy radio actor for Radio Kulmiye, and had recently been threatened for voicing his critique of gun violence against civilians. Though no one has yet taken responsibility for the assassination, many suspect Al-Shabab, which has been especially active in Mogadishu over the past two weeks. Shire Arwale leaves behind two wives and several children, including daughter Ayaan, an up-and-coming Somali singer.

Update: BBC Africa now has a more complete story.

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