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An Equatorial Guinean Tribute to Mandela

Equatorial Guinean Recaredo Silebo Boturu (b. 1979), a prominent playwright and poet in Malabo, sent molossus this brief tribute to Nelson Mandela, which I have translated from the Spanish. “Ekosi,” its final word, means “Thank you” in the Bubi language of  Equatorial Guinea. —DS

I hope that the death of Papa Madiba will force the dictators and African kleptomaniacs meeting in Paris to reflect on the true commitment they should have with their peoples. And to you, Madiba, I say:

Go peacefully,
Go dancing,
Go singing,
Go join the vast sea,
Go join the immense earth,
Go peacefully, Madiba,
For your father and your mother await you.

And I, poet-bullfighter-nude,
Can only tell you:

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