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molossus was founded by david shook as an online broadside of world literature in 2010, joined shortly thereafter by creative director brian hewes. today it serves as the online magazine of phoneme media, a not-for-profit publishing and film production house for world literature in translation. molossus accepts unsolicited submissions by email year round, and review copies at the address below, although unsolicited receipt does not guarantee review coverage.

molossus is a publication of

a fiscally-sponsored project of

editor: david shook

tech: brian hewes

world poetry/prose portfolio editor: sudeep sen

editors at large: mario bellatin, jenny lewis, sarah maguire, john mateer, andré naffis-sahely, al-saddiq al-raddi, ben rodkin, syd shook, clare sullivan, víctor terán.

friends: aark arts/atlasthe hive los angeles, jubilee, oregon wild hair moustache wax, pen center usa, poetry translation centreworld literature today.

please send review copies to: molossus/3326 gassen place/los angeles, ca 90065/usa.

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