How Clash of Clans Became So Popular

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5 Reasons Why Clash of Clans is One of the Most Popular MMO Games

There is a possibility that you may have heard about the Clash of Clans or CoC as many refer to it, even if you have not had the chance to play it. This game is very popular today it is one of the famous MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game.

The CoC runs on most of the smartphones, its app was initially released in the US and Canada but it is now played globally. The most interesting thing is that its download is free. Visit our homepage to get a free Clash of Clans hack.

How Clash of Clans Became So Popular

How Clash of Clans Became the Most Popular One

1. Available in different languages – One of the reasons the Clash of Clans became famous is its availability in varieties of languages, meaning you can choose the language you are most comfortable with.

2. Satisfaction – The satisfaction of the game does not only come from the high scores and rating but also the many features and options it gives to the players. User satisfaction has lead to the success and popularity of the game.

3. Has both single and multiplayer modes – Different from other games, the CoC does not only focus on a single part, but it can support single player along with a multiplayer. You can also choose not to play any of the two game modes, this offers you selection and flexibility something that remains a desire to many players.

4. Simple user interface – The game has an easy and very simple user interface this is another reason that contributes to its familiarity with people.

We all know games are very addictive irrespective of age, playing makes you happy and with the Clash of Clans most people can learn how to play with ease due to its simplicity.

5. Free to play – Though it is free to play this particular game make millions of dollars. How? Well, the answer is its flexibility. The gamers are offered the flexibility to play free, but a paid alternative is also available, which is not mandatory.If your wish is to make money, you can buy in-game currency.


And with the above amazing features thats how the Clash of Clans steals attention from other MMO games. It is the non-rational gameplay that brings players back to the game adding to its popularity.