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Brunetti’s Cartooning

Ivan Brunetti, the cartoonist whose work ranges from cute to morally questionable (see his book Ho!), has written a small, instructional book called Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice. Geoff Gossett, the lesser-known cartoonist whose work is mostly just morally questionable, has written a small review.

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Geoff Gosset on More Things Like This

The Editors of McSweeney’s have compiled a selection of art based on a simple premise: that each piece incorporates words to humorous effect. In his introduction Dave Eggers contends that after the 90s the line between fine art and comics was blurred, largely due to Raymond Pettibon’s success (who’s responsible for the more notorious Black […]

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Geoff’s Shelf, December

Art Director Geoff Gossett introduces recent, rare, and random titles that inspire his work at the drawing table. More images from The Upset forthcoming. The Upset: Young Contemporary Art, ed. R. Klanten, H. Hellige, & S. Ehmann. (Die Gestalten Verlag) $60 As far as collections of contemporary art go, Gesalten’s The Upset is a book that […]

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An Exchange with R. Crumb

Robert Crumb’s much anticipated Book of Genesis Illustrated (W.W. Norton, $24.95) will be officially released 18 October. Art Director Geoff Gossett requested an interview for Molossus, but instead engaged in the brief conversation below, over the course of which he found Mr. Crumb to be a as lively and personable in his electronic correspondence as his […]

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