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A Poem from the Macanese

Adé, the penname of José dos Santos Ferreira (1919 – 1983) was the last and greatest poet of the now critically endangered Macanese language of Macau, also called Patuá, a creole derived mainly from Malay, Sinhalese, Cantonese, and Portuguese.

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A Poem by Ahsan Akbar

Today Bangladeshi poet Ahsan Akbar launches The Devil’s Thumbprint (Bengal Lights Books, $5.50), his debut collection, at the Hay Festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Poet and critic Kaiser Haq, who will be launching his book Pariah (Bengal Lights Books, $5.50) has praised Akbar’s debut for its daring and balance. molossus is pleased to publish the following […]

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Big Letters & Bestiaries

Saccani surveys typographic installations from around the world in Letterscapes, one of the most exciting books I’ve come across this year. Poet Doty and artist Waterston collaborate to try their hand at the bestiary.

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