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Ah! Oughtober: Boris Dralyuk on Translating Oleg Woolf

The following comes from an email interview exchange with Boris Dralyuk about his recent translation of Bessarabian Stamps (Phoneme Media) by the late Moldovan author Oleg Woolf. Originally in Russian, The Stamps is a cycle of sixteen stories set mostly in the village of Sănduleni—a vivid but liminal world whose denizens are in permanent flux, forever shifting languages, cultures, […]

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Afghanistan: A Distant War

Nickelsberg’s two-and-a-half-decade photo chronicle expresses the bleak and harrowing reality of the country of Afghanistan with a visceral intensity that can’t be fully expressed in today’s 140-character headlines.

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Zef by Ballen

Roger Ballen and South African zef group Die Antwoord collaborated on the 2013 art book I Fink U Freeky, a book that could be either an endurance test of the will or a fitting representation of the young, white, lower-class “zef” who eke out an existence in post-apartheid South Africa.

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A Poem from the Macanese

Adé, the penname of José dos Santos Ferreira (1919 – 1983) was the last and greatest poet of the now critically endangered Macanese language of Macau, also called Patuá, a creole derived mainly from Malay, Sinhalese, Cantonese, and Portuguese.

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