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Zef by Ballen

Roger Ballen and South African zef group Die Antwoord collaborated on the 2013 art book I Fink U Freeky, a book that could be either an endurance test of the will or a fitting representation of the young, white, lower-class “zef” who eke out an existence in post-apartheid South Africa.

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A Poem from the Macanese

Adé, the penname of José dos Santos Ferreira (1919 – 1983) was the last and greatest poet of the now critically endangered Macanese language of Macau, also called Patuá, a creole derived mainly from Malay, Sinhalese, Cantonese, and Portuguese.

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Approaching Translation, Essay 1

molossus contributing editor Clare Sullivan, Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of the Graduate Translation Certificate at University of Louisville, is guest-editing a series of reflections on literary translation written by participants in her translation workshop at UL. Here is the first, by Lucía Aja López.

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